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At Rich Roofing, we can have peace of mind knowing that all of our Trotwood roofers are background checked, drug tested, and professional trained. Our roofers are experienced, caring, and dedicated to providing you with the best roofing service in Ohio.  Anytime you need us, we are there.

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We offer up front pricing on our Trotwood roofing services, so homeowners don’t have to worry about whether or not they will see any unexpected charges after the work is completed on their Trotwood home. Rich Roofing uses earth friendly procedures and roofing systems to ensure a better future for Trotwood.

Trotwood Attic Insulation

Trotwood homeowners are wasting money each year by paying for heat that escapes quickly due to inadequate attic insulation. To save on energy bills, the best place to start is with your attic. Attics are a significant source of heat loss in under-insulated Trotwood homes.

The first step is to look at the existing insulation in your attic. If the wood beams (or joists) of your attic floor are still visible, you probably don't have enough of insulation. Use a tape measure or yardstick to check the depth of it on your attic floor. The Department of Energy recommends a minimum depth of 15.5 inches of fiberglass batts or about 18 inches of blown insulation for optimum energy-efficiency.

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Trotwood Roof Repairs

Walking into your home you look and wonder why your roof has coffee spills? Are you suffering from the stained roof syndrome? It's that dark staining that looks like someone spilled coffee up on your roof. This problem used to be associated with mildew in years past. Mildew is a by-product of fungi and mold. However, it has been determined that another microorganism has invaded roofs in the USA, particularly asphalt shingle roofs. This organism is an algae, Gloeocapsa magma. "Roof Algae" has experienced an explosive growth curve during the past 15 to 20 years quite by accident.

Why now? Why my Roof!!

A large number of homeowners who are experiencing these roof stain problems are doing so for the first time. Even though they live in areas where the climate has not changed, the problem appears out of the blue.

In years past, the roof algae simply didn't have a food source. Until shingle manufacturers lowered production costs, and provided roof algae with its favorite food, limestone. Today's fiberglass shingles contain massive amounts of food that the roof algae love to eat.

How in the world does limestone get into fiberglass shingles you might ask? It's simple. The limestone is added to the asphalt mixture as a filler or thickener. Years ago, this was not necessary, as an organic felt mat was used as the base for the shingles. This mat was saturated with asphalt and then coated with granules. Because of the absorptive qualities of the mat, it was able to soak up enough asphalt to give the finished shingle sufficient weight. The materials used for the mat were derived from the cotton rag scrap market.


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"Rich and Sons, Thanks, they did a fine job and the hookup to the downspouts was neater than I could have done. The young man doing the nailing on the roof (wet) must have no fear of heights as he was perched like a bird on a telephone line. My wife, Edna, and I was aware you could have upped the bill as the bid was over a year old but you didn't so Edna and I say thanks."

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