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Commercial Roofing ContractorSingle-Ply sets the trend... The majority of all Ohio roof jobs now use single-ply systems instead of built up roofs. The appeal of single-ply roofing is clear, as these systems are generally more cost-efficient, longer lasting, and lighter than built up roofs.

Hy-Crowns single-ply system is extra tough because it is manufactured with Hypalon®, a synthetic rubber made by Dupont. Hypalon® is one of the most durable materials in the single-ply roofing market and has a track record of more than 30 years. Many architects, builders, plant engineers, and Ohio commercial roofing contractors rely on Hypalon® roofing systems such as Hy-Crown for reliable, leak free commercial and industrial applications.

Improves with Age
A Hy-Crown roof actually becomes stronger with age because the installed Hypalon material vulcanizes when exposed to moisture and ultraviolet light. An additional benefit is that Hy-Crown has no plasticizers, so the roof won't shrink or become brittle.

Resists Chemical Attack
Hy-Crown's Hypalon material gives your Ohio roof solid, long-term protection from pollutants that can attack the surface of a commercial or industrial roof. Hy- Crown stands up to:

  • Vegetable oils (common on restaurant roofs)
  • ASTM No. 1 oil (common around refineries
  • Glycols (a by-product of air conditioners)
  • Acid rain
  • Many fertilizers

Superior Seam Strength
Seams on a Hy-Crown roof can be heat-welded or solvent-welded. The resulting bond is up to six times stronger than the seams of an EPDM roofing system. Your chances of seam failure (and resulting leaks) are greatly reduced with a Hy-Crown job.

Reinforced For Toughness
Hy-Crown consists of a 45 mil Hypalon membrane reinforced with a 10 by 10 polyester scrim fabric embedded in the material. This produces a strong roofing membrane that resists tears and abrasions.

Energy Efficient
You can cut your air conditioning costs by installing a white reflective Hy-Crown roof. Tests show that the surface temperature of a white roof rose only 4 degrees during a sunny 85 degree summer day. The surface temperature of a black roof rose 42 degrees under the same conditions.

Lightens The Load
Because Hy-Crown is mechanically fastened, it doesn't need heavy ballast that some other single-ply systems require. Your weight is reduced from 10-15 pounds per square foot to less than 1 pound per square foot. That's less stress on the overall roof structure.

EPDM Rubber
Rubber Roofing Systems combine the superior weather resistance and fatigue properties of EPDM membranes with the proven performance of QuickSeam Tape splicing techniques for a commercial roofing system with outstanding performance and cost benefits.

To stay on top in today's roofing market takes a combination of great products that can be installed quickly and economically. Each Rubber Roofing System consists of proven technology in roofing membranes, seaming techniques, and installation methods.

In new construction or reroofing applications, Rubber Roofing Systems are the right choice for your application.

Mechanically Attached Roofing Systems are an economical installation method where the conditions suit the application. There are two methods of mechanically attaching Roofing Systems. One method incorporates large EPDM panels with metal batten bars placed on top of the EPDM membrane to secure it to an approved substrate. QuickSeam Batten Covers are then installed over the exposed batten bars and the adjoining sheets are spliced using the QuickSeam Tape System.

The second method for mechanical attachment is the Batten-In-The-Seam (BITS) System. The BITS system utilizes narrower width EPDM (non-reinforced or reinforced) panels with batten bars centered in the membrane seam. Adjoining panels are overlapped to cover the batten bars and sealed with 7" (178mm) QuickSeam Tape.

Sprayed in Place Single-Ply Systems

Investment Protection
A leaky roof can be one of the most frustrating things about owning or maintaining a building. A Ply System covers your roof with a seamless coat of protection. No seams means less chance of leaking.

Lower Energy Costs
When combined with board stock insulation, a Ply System provides year-round energy efficiency. By reflecting the sun's ultraviolet rays, a Ply System surface stays up to 40 degrees cooler than the dark asphalt of a built-up roof, saving money on air conditioning. During the winter months, the system's added insulation lowers your heating costs.

A Durable, Breathable System
A Ply System has a breathable membrane that keeps insulation thermally efficient. Vapor permeability allows water vapor to pass through the coating. The waterproof seal, however, keeps out water in it liquid form. This important characteristic prevent water vapor from becoming trapped in the roof's insulation, destroying it' thermal efficiency and causing thousands of dollars in damage.

Flexibility For Weather Resistance
As a typical built-up roof ages, it becomes brittle and can't adjust to the stress created by weathering. Cracks and splits inevitably develop, causing frustrating leaks. To prevent the devastating effect weathering can have on a roof, a Ply System provides both superior strength and flexibility while offering protection from the environment. The finished membrane moves as the roof expands and contracts with the heat of summer or cold of winter. The result is a longer-lasting, high performance roof.

Custom Built On Site
By embedding fabric between multiple coats of acrylics, the Ply System is manufactured on site. The finished seamless system is a weather-resistant, rugged, fully adhered "single-ply membrane" that will last for years and save you time and money.

Multi-Surface Versatility
A Ply System roof is perfect for most flat roofs over approved exterior grade plywood, high density concrete, smooth surface built-up roof, or approved board stock insulation.

New Construction or Retrofit
Because a Ply System roof is many time lighter than a conventional asphalt built-up roof, architects are free to design innovative buildings without restriction of heavy roof loads. The Ply System is light enough to apply over the top of the previous roofing surface, sparing you the expensive tear-off and landfill disposal costs. You get superior performance and save money.

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